Where we started

Launching Web Design Made Simple…

Charles, the developer of Web Design Made Simple, dreamt of starting an own web development and marketing company since ….

After many years of hard work in the graphics and web advancement industry as well as the digital marketing sector, Charles finally decided to take the plunge by launching a business that combines these complex tasks into a single package. This dream finally became a reality and Charles started his very own software and marketing development house. 

Web Design Made Simple was established in Charles with the main goal to create innovative websites for businesses that help capture the attention of website visitors, increase your customer engagement rate and achieve exponential business growth. 

We are not just another digital marketing agency or web design company. Our business strives to solve web development issues for complex business problems by providing you with simplified digital solutions that will enhance the productivity and profitability of your company. At the same time, we strive to optimize your website as much as possible so you can enjoy the highest SEO ranking. With our leading web development solutions and supreme marketing strategies, you will get a website that functions efficiently right from the start. Our services are aimed at providing new websites and businesses with the best possible chances of success in a very competitive digital economy.

The challenges and beliefs of the marketing/website development industry, how businesses are deceived and how we aimed to change this.

Modern businesses are often tricked into believing that they need to spend a fortune on graphic designers to develop well-functioning websites. They also believe that maintaining a high SEO is extremely expensive and require lots of tedious hours of marketing research and application to help keep your website popular.

You shouldn’t be deceived by these beliefs. With modern design software, the process of designing a website is much easier and quicker than ever before. With advanced development software even complex business sites are now much simpler to create and launch.

Digital marketing and website optimization services have also been streamlined and are now greatly automated to help reduce the cost and time that these services consumed just a few years ago.

At Web Design Made Simple, we aim to change how companies are deceived and exploited by providing you with the same leading and quality services as other design or marketing firms but at a fraction of the cost, you would normally pay. 

We achieve this by firstly using higher quality development software that allows us to create efficient and beautiful websites much quicker in order to reduce the labour required for creating these sites. Secondly, we combine our web design services with digital marketing services so our customers don’t have to hire in the services of marketing companies just so they can enjoy optimized and well-functioning websites.

Business expansion and the rolling out of our design team across Australia

Since our company was launched in …., we experienced rapid growth that forced our firm to expand our team much quicker than anticipated. 

One of our biggest challenges was locating qualified and experienced website designers, graphic designers and digital marketing experts to join our team. We consulted various recruiting firms to help locate employees that did have the required qualifications. Eventually, we shortlisted the best candidates for these jobs and did a thorough background check on them to ensure that our business and all of our customers enjoyed nothing but the best and safest services.

Once we chose the top candidates for these available positions, the candidates were put through extensive testing to warrant that they did have the needed skill and creativity that our business required. 

Our next big challenge was to expand our services across Australia. Our successes in a very short time as a start-up company based in Brisbane taught us that we had the potential to achieve great things should we expand our services across the country. Modern digital interfaces also made it entirely possible to provide our services on a virtual basis and our company rolled out our design services across the nation.