Our Process

Proper web development isn’t nearly as easy as loading a few images and text onto a pre-designed interface. The right website is designed around your business services, the type of information website visitors most likely want to access and around your business image.

Many different aspects are considered when developing a website that suits your business function and needs to perfection. Here is a quick look at the main aspects our design teams consider while they are constructing your website;

  • The general business image and the business vibe are very important for establishing your brand and to help customers feel more familiar with your firm. 
  • High-quality imaging is essential to make your website look great across different platforms and our design teams also ensure that images are Google friendly, website ready with no copyright issues.
  • Business websites need to be compatible with different types of mobile devices so they can function well on all of them. 
  • The website needs to be user-friendly so all of your customers can navigate with ease without feeling frustrated.
  • The website should be designed according to your needs or function. For some businesses, a simple information website is sufficient while others may require complex components to accompany their customers.
  • Businesses that frequently change or edit content need a user-friendly content management system so they can edit and change information all on their own.
  • Websites need to be interlinked with social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook so you can create brand awareness and bring more traffic to your site.
  • Adding a blog to your website can help get more website visitors, allow customers to read much more about your products or services and increases your website ranking.
  • Basic SEO needs to be included for main pages, blogs, and other content so potential customers can locate your website with ease.
  • Your website requires advanced security and anti-spam software to keep it and visitors safe. 
  • The right hosting package needs to be purchased so your website will offer quick loading speeds despite featuring lots of content. 

In addition to a great looking website that functions well and serves the customers’ needs to perfection, your website also needs to be maintained. Proper website maintenance ensures that your website stays up to date, modern and ensures that the website functions well. 

With Web Design Made Simple, we take our time on each of these steps to ensure that our customers get the best websites that suit their requirements and business service to a perfection. We also ensure that our customers enjoy comprehensive prices despite enjoying leading web design and hosting services.