About Us


Our branding says it all – we make websites made simple. We eliminate the confusion and complexities which often come as a result of the industry stereotype. We are known for our industry expertise, expertise and quality of work from working with smaller boutique brands & businesses to the larger businesses across Australia. It’s a blend of 10+ years of experience which we have brought together to deliver an excellent service to over 800 businesses across South-East Queensland and beyond.

As a leader in the Australian online & digital marketing industry, we are committed to providing quality websites that both the client and our team can be proud of.

We’ve worked over the years to bring together a diverse range of industry experts to embody our brand and drive the leading customer design principles to the table. With brackgrounds in: SEO, SEM, Graphic Design and all things digital marketing, we’re the right specialists to deliver your project to your audience.

No two businesses are the same. Even competing companies do differ in terms of business look, services, and vibe. Being a unique business, your company won’t function effectively on a website that isn’t structured around your operational methods and services. 


The right type of website can make a world of difference in business success, especially if you are a virtual or digital company that relies on your digital presence to welcome customers to your services.


An effective website that functions well on all platforms, looks modern and includes all the features your customer’s most likely need or use is much more effective in luring higher numbers of traffic and for boosting sales.


It is however not just the design of the website that is critical for online success. Digital marketing is a valuable method to help increase website ranking so potential customers can find your business easier and for luring lots of new customers to your website where they can view your products and services. 


 At Web Design Made Easy, we realize just how important a well-designed website can be and we realize what a difference effective marketing strategies can make when it comes to sales and profit. 


This is exactly why we provide a variety of leading web development and marketing services. 


By combining these two services we can help customers reach their maximum potential and enjoy a great looking and functioning website at a very agreeable price.


We customize our design, hosting and marketing services to suit your business needs to perfection. With the help of Web Design Made Simple, you can enjoy a customized website designed according to your instruction and you get to establish marketing packages that suit your budget as well.