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One- thing that we feel is of the utmost important when creating a new site is to maintain a consistent theme than runs through every section and page.

It can be easy to end up with something that looks haphazard and ill-conceived if careful attention is not paid to this point.

An understanding of the ethos of the company we are working for is important to us and our web designers will always spend some time familiarising themselves with each client’s business before coming up with some preliminary designs for their consideration. In our opinion it is not just consistency across a site that is important, but across the whole company. The look of your site should complement the existing literature and stationery that your company has, and using company colours in the design is something that we usually recommend.

Apart from giving a professional integrated look to your website, a consistent theme makes it easier for people to use – the navigation and layout become familiar to them as they spend time browsing through the various different sections. The best web designs are clean and not too cluttered, so that users feel comfortable using them and can easily read what you have to say, without being distracted by unnecessary moving images that serve no useful purpose.

Having said that, if the area your business is competing in demands that your site utilise the latest visual technologies then we have staff who excel in this type of work as well. Our Web Development experts are industry experienced professionals and instinctively know how to code a web page to be error free

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